The five things you must remember forget when organizing a mountain event

There’s a lot to consider when putting together a corporate event – and that goes doubly-so when you’re planning something amongst the towering Alberta Rockies. While there certainly exists a veritable army of vendors and suppliers within the Bow Valley, it often takes an extra modicum of foresight, organization, and creativity to put together something truly special. Before diving into your next corporate event, be sure to consider the following to take in the full mountain experience.

Details to Consider for Stunning Mountain Events When planning a corporate event in the mountains, here are a few details you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you find success:

  • Detailed Timeline
    Be sure to give yourself all the time you think you’ll need, and then some. While last-minute asks happen all the time and are often pulled off, they generally result in far less memorable results (and often at greater expense!). Determine a realistic timeline for your event to fully come together as you envision. For best results, book your vendors and venue well in advance.
  • Partying with a Purpose
    Why are you hosting this event? And, more to the point, why is it important that this be a mountainside experience? The Rockies provide a stunning backdrop to any event, of course, but how do those rugged peaks enhance your vision – and what can you do to capitalize on that?
  • Balancing a Budget
    How many guests are you expecting? Will guests require overnight accommodations? What sort of return on investment are you looking forward to, if any? The business world revolves around the almighty dollar, and event planning is no different, so be sure to keep these numbers front-of-mind in order to ensure your event is a successful one.
  • Preparing for Alberta Weather
    Rocky Mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable and can change in an instant, so be prepared for the unexpected when you organize your event. From snowfall in the summer to balmy temperatures in the middle of winter, you’ll want to be sure that for every outdoor-centric Plan A you’ve got, there’s an alternative Plan B waiting in the wings.

  • Keeping the Environment Green
    The Bow Valley is one of the most stunning examples of natural, untouched beauty on the planet, and all of its residents and businesses work hard to keep it that way. This can often have an influence on event planning, all the way from certain locations being restricted to particular sorts of chairs being prohibited in certain outdoor settings. Take the time to do some research before investing too much in anything, and help keep the mountains beautiful.
  • Benefit from Branding
    Is this event meant to enhance your business’s brand, service, or product line? If so, it’s worth considering how this strategy might be carried out through décor, entertainment options, social media coverage, and more in order to ensure your event is as successful as possible in fulfilling its overarching goals.Keep these details in mind when organizing your next Rocky Mountain event – and, whatever the occasion, feel free to contact us at Mountainscape Events. Share your unique corporate event with us and create a memorable experience that helps to propel your business to new and exciting heights.

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