Embrace the wonder of the grand Rocky Mountains and deep glacial lakes with custom ice creations to create unforgettable experiences.

From custom ice sculptures to premium craft ice and interactive stations, Mountainscape Ice has collaborated with Frozen Memories in Calgary to provide best in class ice products and services for your cool events. From independent one off events to ongoing supply for the food & beverage industry, contact us for a quote.

Centrepieces & Catering

Bring a little magic to your event with with stunning frozen centrepieces crafted from crystal clear ice, have interactive fun with ice luges at your bar and even serve drinks in glassware made entirely from ice.

Custom creations are made to your theme and specifications, or contact us for help imaging the possibilities!

Custom Ice Sculptures & Furniture

Seat your guests on frozen thrones, create entire bars made of ice and commemorate special occasions with spectacular sculptures. The snow-capped mountain peaks are the limit!

Our custom ice sculptures are the show-stopper and WOW-factor at your wedding, gathering or corporate event. Celebrate your love with your initials in a custom sculpture or luge, welcome guests with your company logo or event branding cut into the ice, or even host your own ice carving competitions for fantastic team building activities.

The best craft ice for your drinks

Mountainscape Ice craft solutions for private events and public businesses provide your guests and customers with the best in class experience. Serve delicious cocktails and spirits with the purest, clearest premium ice cubes for a distinctive experience.

Take it one step further with our Ice Activation Station in which your guests will see their custom ice cubes molded before their eyes.

The process of creating crystal clear ice cubes, with the removal of gas bubbles and impurities, results in a much denser ice, perfect for sipping spirits without worrying about your ice melting quickly.

The removal of impurities and minerals also ensures this is the purest ice you can put into your spirits and drinks, a perfect accompaniment to your beverages. By using craft ice in your cocktails, whiskeys and spirits, you are providing the highest quality and optimum flavour to your customers.

What makes this ice special?

Crafted in a slow and methodical process designed to remove all impurities, these crystal clear blocks of ice are formed the same way for both large, spectacular sculptures, as well as unique craft ice cubes.

Taking over three days, during the freezing process the water is circulated to bring all impurities to the surface whilst the ice freezes slowly from the bottom, creating a denser ice. Once the blocks have frozen to the top entirely, the top layer of minerals, gas bubbles and impurities are chipped away to leave a perfectly clear block ready for creation!

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