How tiny details keep your guests engaged and the environment safe

There’s no place quite like the Canadian Rocky Mountains. These beautiful, natural spaces are inspiring, uplifting, even rejuvenating, and make the perfect place to host memorable, engaging corporate events. However, the Rockies are only as pristine and stunning as they are because we all go to great lengths to keep them wild and green. It’s up to us to act as stewards to these unique spaces, and as event planners, it’s our responsibility and privilege to protect the Rockies by ensuring that our practices are sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally sound.


We Stand on Guard for Thee

When it comes to keeping the Rockies beautiful, there are a few key points worth considering while planning a green corporate event:

  • Start Early
    It’s far easier to act eco-unfriendly than it is to be conscious of the impact we have on the environment. As such, be sure to start your planning your event a bit earlier than you might otherwise in order to make sure you’re able to order eco-friendly supplies, work with green vendors, and successfully organize a low- to no-footprint event.
  • Communicate your Message
    It takes more than just a single person to keep the Rockies green. If you’re planning a Banff, Canmore, or other Rocky Mountain-based event that you intend to be minimally environmentally impactful, be sure to make that fact known to your guests, vendors, and suppliers. Not only will this help to ensure your event actually is eco-friendly, but you’re also more than likely to make a positive impression on your event planning partners and potentially even a wide swathe of your guestlist for this thoughtful and responsible consideration.

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
    We all learned about the Three R’s back in grade school, but they’re just as applicable as ever when planning a green Rocky Mountain event. Reduce the amount of disposable products you’re planning to use, take advantage of any reusable supplies or necessities, and recycle whatever you can’t use over again.
  • Go Green to Make Green
    The environmentally friendly move away from disposable products has opened the doors for savvy business owners to take advantage of all sorts of unique branding opportunities. Reusable water bottles, totes, and other sustainable products can suddenly function as effective marquees for your brand, event messaging, or new product line. Who says eco-friendly isn’t corporate-friendly?
  • Make Waste Disposal SIMPLE
    No matter how much compostable cutlery you use, there will always be some garbage that’s produced at any corporate event. With this in mind, be sure all types of bins – compost, recycle, and waste – are plentiful and easily identifiable in order to keep litter from floating away unchecked.

Not only is going green relatively simple, but it can often further your corporate causes and position your business as a responsible champion of the environment. Mountainscape Events is committed to green initiatives in everything we do – get in touch with us today to learn more about eco-friendly event management, environmentally-conscious vendors, and everything you can do to help keep the Rocky Mountains beautiful and green.

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