From the countryside of Tuscany, and the sandy beaches of Hawaii to towering skyscrapers in New York, every location can have its own challenges. Event planning comes with a range of skilled and experienced professionals that specialize in certain areas, with location being an important factor to consider when choosing your event planner.

Here are 4 benefits you would get from hiring a local planner for your Rocky Mountain event.

Banff Springs Hotel

Photographer: Bow Media

Understanding the Rules and Regulations of being in a protected area

Being Canada’s first national park, and part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff is special and spectacular in many ways. However, it can also come with some limitations that you need to adhere to. This can often have an influence on event planning, all the way from certain locations being restricted and particular sorts of chairs being prohibited in certain outdoor settings. With almost 20 years of planning events in the Rocky Mountains, the Mountainscape team have a depth of knowledge on the dos and dont’s of planning an event within a national park. We carefully communicate with Parks Canada and The Town of Banff to ensure we are always on top of all current and any new alerts, rules, and regulations that may have been put in place. Living and working in Banff is such a privilege and we can all appreciate how lucky we are to be a part of a community inside of a national park. That’s why we see such importance of respecting our surroundings and following ethical practices in order to take care of this incredible town.

Rocky Mountain weather gurus

Although any location can have weather contingencies, mountain weather can be especially changeable. From snow storms to +30 degree weather, your Mountainscape team has all the knowledge and equipment you need for any kind of weather to ensure your event runs smoothly. Especially when planning an outdoor event, any planner should always have a plan B, and as your Bow Valley local experts, our team is confident in knowing which local venues would best suit your event in case of an emergency.

Having relationships with other local vendors can help enhance your event

Choosing the Rocky Mountains as the location for your event can be an easy choice. However, when it comes to choosing certain vendors for your event there can be a lot to consider. With many years of working in the event industry, Mountainscape has established many relationships and connections with some of the best vendors in the Bow Valley. Therefore, you can save time researching and we can expertly make suggestions on who we think would best serve your event.

Being one of the oldest mountain towns in Canada comes with many special heritage properties we get to work with.

Established in the 1880s, Banff is home to many heritage buildings. The Banff Springs Hotel otherwise known as the ‘Castle in the Rockies’ has become one of the most popular mountain resorts in North America, not only for its location but its unique architecture and Scottish Baronial interior.

While historic venues attract crowds across the globe with their timeless appeal and cultural backstories, these venues can also have some limitations that can cause hiccups in your planning process if you aren’t aware of them. Some knowledge you can only gain from working in these special spaces, which we’ve done for years. Your planner needs to be aware of the special conditions these hotels may have and be sure to communicate this with you from the get-go. Over the years we have built strong relationships with some amazing venues, so they have trust we have their best interests in mind too.

Chateau Lake Louise

Exceptional events that are smooth-running are definitely not a fluke. The responsibilities lie in making sure the ideas of an event turn into a reality. There is a lot of time and energy involved prior to the event. From budget to design and a million things in between, a professional event planner knows what to expect and can save you all the stress to help you enjoy your special event. With in-depth knowledge of the Bow Valley area and established and supportive relationships with local venues, vendors, and suppliers, we see the importance of hiring a local event planner to ensure your event runs smoothly at all levels and to create an experience your guests are going to remember.